Friday, June 18, 2010


I've moved to here.
So come follow. We'll have all sorts of adventures together, i'm sure of it. :3

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr.NES' Retrospective!

Alright, here we have our very first installment in Dr.NES' Retrospective. A bunch of reviews tucked away into the corners of our video game sections basement. Along with the obsolete broken controllers. Onwards!


In our first installment of Dr.Nes Retrospective, we will examine the popular NES RPG game Dragon Warrior, or as most people are familiar with its other name of: Dragon Quest. I will break it down so my critique will be easier to understand and allow you to get a grasp on the game and its plot:

1) Princess is Kidnapped ...and Evil Dragon Lord is hiding in the basement of his evil castle not really doing much but sitting there waiting for you.

2) A Slime appears! Command?

3) A Drakee appears! Command?

4) This continues for several hours.

5) Princess is rescued.

6) Generic storyline continues.

7) A Slime appears! Command?

8) You continue to fight monsters while gathering the three important items in the game so you can make a bridge and go meet the dragonlord.

9) You beat the dragonlord.

10) Game over.

This game was pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


4 Slimes out of 5

Thursday, June 10, 2010